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Rising Star/Intuitive Energy Healing session

Infusing higher dimensional energies helps to remove Stuck lower vibrational energies. As the etheric bodies are being cleared up more clarity can ensue, as well as emotional release and spontaneous healing. For Best results 3 sessions over 3 to 6 months are recommended. approx. 45min



Consultation+Energy work Formula

Working with your subconscious mind, together we look at blockages that keep you stuck, repressed emotions and obsolete beliefs that may be in place and need to be released. We determine what is going on at the etheric level, and we speak about how to best move forward to get you unstuck, healthier and embodying what you came here to do. I am working with your subconscious mind, your spirit guides and the angelic realm, to bring up, remove, and transcend thought forms and entities. approx 90min




Emotional release can happen spontaneously, through energy work and also yoga, but if you are suppressing something (we all are) we can go at it in a more direct way: Through working with the Subconscious mind we can see what kind of emotions want to be seen and healed.

45min $111



Coaching has become a significant part of my work, if you want to become more of who you are but feel stuck you may adhere to outdated beliefs about yourself and others. Together we will find these beliefs and create an action plan how to best achieve your goals.

For Best results 3 consecutive sessions are recommended.

Approx 60min $150


Spiritual Coaching Program

The spiritual mentorship program includes weekly healing sessions and consultations, as well as daily phone calls to check in. This is ideal if you are a creative or an entrepreneur, but can also be applied to challenging relationships. The basis of my work is spiritual so we will look at developing your relationship with your spirit and all other relationships, and other matters flow from there.

90Min including check ins /week: $750 monthly, 3 months.


Customize Your Own Mini Retreat, Upstate NY

Customized mini retreat away from the city: Available workshops include: Reiki Initiations, Introduction into Working with Energies, inner Work -outer Play, Advanced InitiAtions, Living Light Reiki. Or Just come and enjoy nature walks and enjoy a complimentary healing session. Contact for more detAils


Wear Your Essence

Made to order Kaftans and Scarves with energy prints, or in a print specifically developed for you or a loved one.

(Price upon request)


I) Living Light Healing session

Living Light healing sessions work on all your energy bodies, moving from the purest least dense part of your being into your lower or denser bodies. Living Light heals from within, therefore its effects can be felt over time, in most cases its up to 11 days. Strong emotional release can be felt.



Guided by the sound of the gong and your breath, this meditation brings you deep into your own inner being. In these inner realms we call upon your divine self, and move its light into your lower energy bodies. Activations can be done remotely and in person. This is not for everyone, feel in your heart if it is your next highest step.

The Living Light transmissions and activations as they are done in a private session have proven to be extremely powerful. This activation is only for advanced healers and yogis.

Approx 90min $333


The LLI is a 2 day workshop: prerequisites are Reiki I and II - or intense yogic practice. More information upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: During energy work sessions many forms of intuitive healing can happen. Starting with Reiki, Gian Kamal's training includes everything from Rising Star to psychic surgery and working with cosmic energies: During every session higher frequencies are transmitted to the client. 

Drink lots of water after your session, and rest. No alcohol, no other form of energy work (including acupuncture and massage) for 11 days after the session.

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