Healing the Body through Healing the Mind

Consider that the subconscious mind takes in everything that is happening in the environment at a subliminal level, real or imagined does not matter! It then creates our reality based on

perceptions formed during childhood from the ages 1 to 7 that influence our general interpretation of reality

inherited beliefs, prenatal influences

experiences, culture, education, news, TV shows etc

These beliefs are mostly obsolete and can even sabotage our relationships, creativity and sense of purpose in the NOW. Worse, they can materialize as disease or illness.

Through working with the subconscious mind we become conscious of such emotions and thoughts and we can release them and activate another set of "positive" beliefs and emotions that can then recreate our experience of reality.

“Your mission will find you when you transcend the lower mind and begin the process of conscious union with your divine nature.”

How does Energy Work fit into this?

There's different parts to this process over the course of a few sessions, however one session may be enough to bring more clarity to your current experience. Energy work is combined with consultation to facilitate release and healing.

By treating the different ethereal bodies as well as the physical, emotions, behavior patterns, blockages, and other lower vibrating energies can be released.

It's like shining a light into a dark place, and driving out the shadow, that then needs to be seen, accepted and thus healed.

This creates the basis so that we can re-attune to and activate higher vibrating aspects of ourselves. 

Every session is different, and every one's reaction to energy work is different, however, what ever needs to happen during a session will happen.

Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to determine what kind of service would be most appropriate for you at this time. 


Short term effects of energy work:

Energetic recalibration may in rare cases result in short lived physical symptoms, such as a cold, emotional release, little aches and pains, intense dreams, sleepiness, or hyperactivity. None of these effects will last more than a day.

Drink lots of water, treat the session as if it was a juice cleanse:)