If you are reading this, you most likely have reached a turning point in your journey and are looking for answers… You probably noticed that we all have been going collectively through a huge Consciousness shift. This requires a different set of responses to life, all the old mechanisms seem to not work anymore, and if they do it’s often short lived…. the new reality asks us to go within to create change from there, through honest inner work and expansion beyond the 5 senses.


Emotions and thoughts, conscious and unconscious, inherited or taken on from others during traumatic events, however repressed and dissonant, will always create the same situations in our outside reality until we can release them from within.

Thankfully there are many ways to release and heal: So come and sit with me….and let’s speak about what has been going on in your life, and see how we can best heal old wounds, and obsolete beliefs, through ever increasing self love, trust and through strengthening your relationship to source.

I’ve been there, so now it’s my turn to help you!

P.S. If you are wondering about the name, Gian Kamal means Lotus of Knowledge and Wisdom, and it represents very adequately my personal journey through the mud into the light, transmuting lots of pain, illusion and suffering through searching the light within.

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“I’ve been working with Gian Kamal over 5 years now. She has provided myriad invaluable insights and tools that continue to have profound impacts on my life. I recently had a living light transmission, and can state that this is the most powerful spiritual work I’ve personally come across. She is a keen guide into the inner realms, patient and generous.” Johnny M.

“During the energy session, Gian unblocked something in me that had been keeping me stuck. Shortly after the session things started moving forward in my life. I found a studio space I had been looking for and a spiritual business coach to help me further along I also ended up going back to school to get a deeper training for a career path she had encouraged me. My journey is still unfolding, but I know that Gian was the catalyst that helped me to start making progress when I was most stuck. Thank you so much!" Christine K.

Gian's energy treatments have been instrumental in helping me navigate through important transitions in both my personal and professional lives. At first, I expected the sessions to sway me into a specific direction, but they helped me be more introspective resulting in decisions that I have never regretted because they came from my heart.” R.G